SUGAR lights up your life,

A clear and concise phrase to describe as accurately as possible the primary purpose of our jewels... giving life to what you wear through the expression of emotions and moods expressed thanks to strong and bright colours.

The SUGAR collections boast meticulous artisan production completely made in Italy; production in continuous growth and evolution to create and improve a simple but decisive product.

Simplicity, however, is only apparent... in fact SUGAR jewels stand out for a strong attention to detail, important and indispensable to make it UNIQUE of its kind.

Each color has a story to tell, discover it and experience it in the GUIDE section, find the one that best suits you and let it illuminate your life.

A jewel for everyone, which attracts and communicates...


SUGAR is a silver jewelery brand born in 2017 which is gaining recognition, not only thanks to the quality of the manufacturing, but also thanks to the ability to give its own style to the product.

In fact, thanks to its bright colors and the diamond detail of the tops that crown the jewels, SUGAR is able to convey uniqueness and identity to the latter.

It is still a "young" product, but full of artisanal experience totally MADE IN ITALY.


Each SUGAR jewel is handmade with the skilful compromise between craftsmanship and technology. All the components are made directly within our company and the spinning tops, once subjected to the coloring treatment, are diamond-cut with precision and inserted one by one, with artisanal skill, onto the cardan chain recreating long rows of shiny SUGAR, from where bracelets and necklaces will be created.

The coloring process of the SUGAR tops was entrusted to a company specialized in color treatment. The finished product is therefore configured, pursuant to article 7(2) of EC regulation 1907/2006 (REACH), as articles with unintentional release of substances. The analyzes of the production cycle and the raw materials used allow us to deduce that in the materials used on SUGAR articles no substances currently subject to the authorization procedure are present in concentrations greater than 0.1%.

Furthermore, each SUGAR jewel is strictly "Nickel Free".